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Room to Breathe

It has been six years since American democracy came under attack. As soon as Donald Trump started shooting his mouth off, a very large group of sycophants latched on to his coat tails and made a run to take over the country - not in a good way. I can't fathom how stupid these followers are, but I am sure that saving America for our democratic values was not on the agenda. To begin with, people like Mary Trump, his niece, and his closest attorney fixer, Michael Cohen, rang the alarm early on. Both of these individuals who know him better than anybody, warned us of what a vile person Trump is and what he is capable of. Anyone with a bit of sense can see what a phony he is. Aside from the lies that spout forth from his mouth, and his veritable lack of intelligence, when have we ever had a president who bleached his hair blond and painted his skin orange? But that is just superficial stuff. The real danger is in how focused Trump is on himself and his oversized ego. And the degree to which he is motivated to consolidate power within himself is frightening.

I tell my friends that if Trump won a second term as president, it would be the last time they would ever get to vote. It would be the end of democracy and probably free elections. He came close in his term as president, and only by luck was America able to avoid complete destruction. I still marvel that there can be anyone so crazy that they can completely ignore the public's distain and continue spouting a lying narrative to his followers.

So, for six years thinking Americans have sat on tenterhooks hoping and praying (and fortunately acting) to end the scourge. Beginning with the 2020 election, relief was on the way. The democrats took back the White House and secured the House and Senate. This gave a new Democratic administration the space it needed to turn things around.

While the wheels of justice move slower than we would like to see, I believe that Merrrick Garland is doing his job with great deliberation. Of course it appears to be moving slowly, but the Justice Department no doubt has a lot going on that they are not telling us about. Perhaps there will be more indictments either at the federal level or through one of those state prosecutors' offices. It wouldn't be too surprising if the man, himself, was criminally charged. (Wouldn't that be great.)

If someone told me that there has never been a more corrupt administration in any country in the history of the world than that of the Trump administration, I would have no problem believing it. Just look at the rogues gallery of characters who received pardons from Trump. Certainly he abused his power as presiedent to protect those who acted illegally on his behalf.

As to breathing a sigh of relief, there are still two years left in the Biden administration. For one thing, I am grateful that the mid term election did not produce a whole lot of noise about election fraud. I was very worried that this election was going to be a disaster, a regular revolution in the streets. That did not materialize, and it certainly shut Trump up (figuratively). But just the re-taking of the Senate, and the close call in the House spelled victory for democracy.

I believe that this administration is moving inexorably toward justice and a system that will ensure that no other Trump-like person ever occupies the White House again (although I'm a bit nervous about DeSantis' popularity). Meanwhile, the Dems own the White House and the Senate which gives them room to put in place protections against further erosion of our democracy. And the January 6 investigation continues, as do investigations in New York, Georgia, and of course Merrick Graland's office.

Prior to the mid term election there was a lot of noise about a red wave, but that never happened. It was believed that as soon as the Republicans took over the House impeachment of the president would ensue. While that may stilll be a possibility, I think that if the Republicans know their place, they will understand that their victory in the House, as well as their defeats in state races, is evidence that they don't have the strength to wage war against Biden or anyone else.

So, democracy has dodged the bullet for the time being. But I hope that the events of the past six years have taught us that democracy is fragile and some people are crazy enough, or powerful enough, to put that aside for their own self interest. Let's hope we have learned that lesson.

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