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I'm Feeling Better

Who doesn't feel like there is a bit of a release of pressure? What are the kinds of things that have been bothering me, and why do I feel better about them? Here's what's up.

First of all, I cannot remember a time when I felt so uptight about the political situation in this country. The far right has given voice to one of the most evil men I have ever heard of - and of course, I'm speaking of Donald Trump. We look back at history and see such horrible people as Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot (in case you don't know, Pol Pot was the head of what was called the Khmer Rouge, the murderous organization in Cambodia that killed millions of its citizens) or Mao Tse Tung, the Chinese leader who after WWII was believed to be responsible for a purge of perhaps as many as 70,000,000 of Chinese citizens - the most extreme genocide in the history of the world.

So, anyhow, this crazy mother fucker Trump came into the presidency and changed everything. He sought only what would benefit himself personally, even at the expense of the general Am population. And after leaving office he continued to lie and do whatever he thought necessary to regain power. His lying and cheating have been epic, like nothing the world has ever seen. And it continues today. But the noose is tightening. He is fighting four very serious indictments with 91 criminal charges lodged against him. Judges are shutting him up all over the place. His list of followers is definitely shrinking. Even some of the people I know who have been very supportive of him are falling off. Walt Kabis, who is not what anybody would call an expansive thinker, and who has been supporting Trump for years, has given up on him. And another ex-friend who is a rabid fan of Trump's and very vocal about his extreme right philosophies, got so far out that Facebook kicked him off the site. None of these are overly significant on their own, but altogether they seem to add up to some relief in sight. It remains to be determined where all this is leading, but compared to how upset and afraid I have been for our democracy for the past few years, I feel relief.

Then the chicken shit Republican party in Congress expelled George Santos. Of course he had to go, but that would mean the possibility of giving up a seat in Congress which they cannot afford. But it was an overwhelming situation. He was simply too corrupt to tolerate, and now he is gone.

In addition to these things, we've got DeSantis debating Gavin Newsom. Is this a precursor to the 2024 presidential election? I wouldn't mind that at all. Newsom would wipe the floor with DeSantis. I'd rather it was Nick Haley. Even though I'm not her biggest fan, at least we would have a choice.

The far right has taken over the Republican party, which I am certain is a great turn-off to a lot of people. So, that leaves the Democrats. And if things continue on a positive trajectory, our democracy has a chance. But don't get too compalcent. Donald Trump is not yet in jail or forbidden from running. His mouth has not stopped but has slowed down. And his popularity is certainly waning. I like the direction of things and fell like there is some breathing room.

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