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Patrick Mansell

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Surfer/banker Barry Shaw has straddled the worlds of the cool, laid back surfer scene with the sophisticated, tightly-wound world of commercial banking. Barry grew up on the warm sands of South Florida beaches. As an early member of the Greenbacks, one of the area's premier surf clubs, Barry spread his wings and traveled to where the best surf could be found, locations like California, Hawaii, Central America, and some of the better surf breaks on the east coast of the country. But surfing was not getting Barry where he wanted to be professionally, so he began a career in commercial banking. The story of Barry's life was told to author Patrick Mansell and memorialized in the pages of Spoils Island, a collaboration between these two men; a fun, interesting, and informative look into worlds that most people rarely get to visit.

An exciting word to my visitors. Many of my books are now available in the Spanish language. You can visit my Author Page on Amazon and see all of my books including versions in English, Spanish, paperback and ebooks. Thank you for visiting my site and supporting my library. 

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