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The Bimini Twist Library and other

books by Patrick Mansell. 

Welcome to my website. This is where I feature the books I have been writing for more than a quarter century. It goes from fiction to non-fiction, action adventure to history, sport fishing to criminal justice, and from financial literacy to famous quotes and biographical profiles. The settings go from South Florida to the Bahamas Islands, to Hawaii to Southeast Asia, and then back to the European continent. I continue to write nearly everyday and I publish at least one and sometimes as many as three books in a year, so the landscape is always changing. And one promise I make to my readers: there will never be any gratuitous violence, sex, or vulgarity in my books, so you can share them with children, parents, or anybody else without the fear of exposing them to something that will embarrass them or you. All these books are available through Amazon in paperback and ebook format.

Enjoy the adventure!

Patrick Mansell, Author

The Bimini Twist Library

Bimini Twist

​​Bimini Twist, the first in the series, introduces the main characters, Max Carson, and his two sons, P.J. and Gaffer. The title of the book is taken from the name of the small open boat they use to fish the waters of the Bahamas Islands. In this adventure the Carson men meet up with the Royal Bahamas Defense Force to help take down a drug smuggling operation operating out of Bimini, a small fishing village in the western Bahamas. Let the adventures begin!

             Kona Kai
When Max Carson agreed to have his boat, Bimini Twist, ferried over to the Hawaiian Islands on board the luxury yacht Felicity, he was looking forward to enjoying the summer with his boys P.J. and Gaffer, fishing in the quiet waters off Kona. And the fishing action was excellent with amazing blue marlin and yellowfin tuna. Even paradise has its share of unwelcome danger. Young teens who do stupid things, the awesome forces of nature in the forms of erupting volcanoes, wild game fish and an angry mother humpback whale combine to make this a Bimini Twist Adventure to remember.
          Abaco Gold
Abaco Gold is the continuing story of the adventures of Bimini Twist, this time in the beautiful chain of islands known as the Abacos. While a group of dedicated marine archaeologist work to recover artifacts from a treasure-rich Spanish galleon with a view toward creating a maritime museum, more sinister forces are at work to plunder the underwater artifacts for their own personal enrichment. The Carsons spend their summer working with the treasure salvers to help protect the artifacts and bring them to the surface while foiling the plans of the treasure jumpers.
          Wave Dancer

​When Gaffer Carson takes a temporary job as the captain of the luxurious fishing machine, Wave Dancer, he has no way of knowing that Reginald Cordelle, the yacht's previous captain, was involved in a plot to smuggle weapons from the Bahamas Islands to the coast of Florida. By agreement between Will Tanner, the yacht's owner, and the Defense Force, Cordelle is reinstated at Wave Dancer's captain as a setup to trick him into a trap to foil the smuggling operation.  

          Exuma Tide
When a luxury yacht signals a mayday and ultimately sinks off Cat Cay, Max and Gaffer Carson are nearby on board Fearless Flyer, a sportfisher participating in the Bahamas wahoo tournament. They save the party on board the sinking vessel and befriend its owners, Jeremy and Jessica Diamond. A harrowing adventure ensues when a young girl is kidnapped from the Diamond home in Cat Cay and transported to the Exuma Islands. This is an edgy adventure with Bimini twist plowing the shallow reefs of the Exuma chain in the pitch black night, never knowing when the bottom of their boat or their propellers will come in contact with the unforgiving coral and rocks.

Saltwater Adventures

Living Legends of Big Game Fishing is a collection of stories written by some of history's biggest names in offshore fishing. Each of these living legends tells his favorite stories of adventure after decades of experience on the bridge. The men involved in this book read like a who's who of big game fishing. Peter Bristow writes about his experiences with Jo Jo DelGuercio on the Great  Barrier Reef. Peter Wright's article about a race to save the life of his angler after having been speared through his chest by a black marlin 1,000 miles from the nearest hospital, and Ronnie Hamlin talks about being a clueless nineteen year old captain taking out his first charter in the unfamiliar waters around Cape May, and the time his sport fishing boat sank from under him in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This book is loaded with some of the most exciting stories in the history of big game fishing.
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