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Enrique's Dock
A Keen Story
Isla Mujeres, Mexico

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The tiny island of Isla Mujeres off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, is a favorite sport fishing destination for captains and anglers from all over the world.  In the mid 1960s the Lima family, after contributing to the vast expansion of nearby Cancun, set its sights on Isla Mujeres, just a few miles offshore. Enrique Lima came to Isla Mujeres in 1965 and continued the expansion of the island that included infrastructure and commercial development, as well as promotion as a unique tourist destination. In that time he built the Club de Yates which has colloquially been called Enrique's Dock. Because the area has been so well preserved, with well conceived rules that foster a sustainable approach to the island's resources, fishers, tournaments, research scientists and conservationists have flocked to its shores. This book is the story of the development of that island and many of the great sportsmen and women who have traveled from all over the world to fish, join tournaments, party and relax, and enjoy the friendly ambiance for which Isla Mujeres is so well known.  

Bouncer Smith's Chronicles

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Captain Bouncer Smith has spent a lifetime on the ocean. In his fifty-five years as a charter captain and fishing guide he has seen more action and excitement than most people will see in a lifetime. He has fought giant swordfish, set world records in a score of different categories, and fished with some of the most interesting people imaginable. In the Bouncer Smith Chronicles the captain relates some of his favorite stories to author Patrick Mansell and together they put into writing not only his exciting adventures, but also the human side of this great man who lives to share his knowledge and skill with fishing enthusiasts, fans, the wealthy and underprivileged. 

BouncerCover-NObleed-6x9 copy.jpg

When Bouncer Smith discovered just how much interest there was in his Chronicles book (and the disappointment from friends and fishing buddies that certain adventures had not been featured) it became clear that he would have to continue the work and hope to hit more of the high points in his life. Fish On continues where the original Chronicles book leaves off with dozens of the episodes that make Captain Bouncer such and interesting, colorful, and popular character. Many more great adventures, fishing techniques, and a few recipes make this book an excellent read for lovers of fishing or anybody else who enjoys some good stories.  


Fans of Captain Bouncer Smith will enjoy this new approach to his writing. Since his retirement in 2020 Captain Bouncer has been as busy as ever. He moved to the suburbs of Atlanta and began a new life of visiting new fishing spots and old friends. He has fished inland lakes and rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and all up and down the east coast from North Carolina to Islamorada. He has been working off his bucket list of fishes to catch and watering holes to visit. In I'm Not Done Yet Captain Bouncer retells some of his favorite stories from his past and narrates some new ones. But his time the difference is that he has added photos that bring the stories to life. 

As technology has advanced, Captain Bouncer is able to offer a new and exciting book. Bouncing Around is the collectors' edition of the Bouncer Smith Chronicles. Fans of Captain Bouncer will be familiar with some of the stories contained within these pages, as several of the stories are repeats from his first two books. In his book I'm Not Done Yet, Bouncer was able to add photos for the first time. The difference now is that he has added some new stories, and nearly all of the photos are in color. This is a big improvement over what has gone before. If you are a fishing enthusiast, or a fan of the great captain, this book is a must for your collection

The Bimini Twist Adventures

Bimini Twist

​​Bimini Twist, the first in the series, introduces the main characters, Max Carson, and his two sons, P.J. and Gaffer. The title of the book is taken from the name of the small open boat they use to fish the waters of the Bahamas Islands. In this adventure the Carson men meet up with the Royal Bahamas Defense Force to help take down a drug smuggling operation operating out of Bimini, a small fishing village in the western Bahamas. Let the adventures begin!

             Kona Kai
When Max Carson agreed to have his boat, Bimini Twist, ferried over to the Hawaiian Islands on board the luxury yacht Felicity, he was looking forward to enjoying the summer with his boys P.J. and Gaffer, fishing in the quiet waters off Kona. And the fishing action was excellent with amazing blue marlin and yellowfin tuna. Even paradise has its share of unwelcome danger. Young teens who do stupid things, the awesome forces of nature in the forms of erupting volcanoes, wild game fish and an angry mother humpback whale combine to make this a Bimini Twist Adventure to remember.
          Abaco Gold
Abaco Gold is the continuing story of the adventures of Bimini Twist, this time in the beautiful chain of islands known as the Abacos. While a group of dedicated marine archaeologist work to recover artifacts from a treasure-rich Spanish galleon with a view toward creating a maritime museum, more sinister forces are at work to plunder the underwater artifacts for their own personal enrichment. The Carsons spend their summer working with the treasure salvers to help protect the artifacts and bring them to the surface while foiling the plans of the treasure jumpers.
          Wave Dancer

​When Gaffer Carson takes a temporary job as the captain of the luxurious fishing machine, Wave Dancer, he has no way of knowing that Reginald Cordelle, the yacht's previous captain, was involved in a plot to smuggle weapons from the Bahamas Islands to the coast of Florida. By agreement between Will Tanner, the yacht's owner, and the Defense Force, Cordelle is reinstated at Wave Dancer's captain as a setup to trick him into a trap to foil the smuggling operation.  

          Exuma Tide
When a luxury yacht signals a mayday and ultimately sinks off Cat Cay, Max and Gaffer Carson are nearby on board Fearless Flyer, a sportfisher participating in the Bahamas wahoo tournament. They save the party on board the sinking vessel and befriend its owners, Jeremy and Jessica Diamond. A harrowing adventure ensues when a young girl is kidnapped from the Diamond home in Cat Cay and transported to the Exuma Islands. This is an edgy adventure with Bimini twist plowing the shallow reefs of the Exuma chain in the pitch black night, never knowing when the bottom of their boat or their propellers will come in contact with the unforgiving coral and rocks.

Saltwater Adventures

Living Legends of Big Game Fishing is a collection of stories written by some of history's biggest names in offshore fishing. Each of these living legends tells his favorite stories of adventure after decades of experience on the bridge. The men involved in this book read like a who's who of big game fishing. Peter Bristow writes about his experiences with Jo Jo DelGuercio on the Great  Barrier Reef. Peter Wright's article about a race to save the life of his angler after having been speared through his chest by a black marlin 1,000 miles from the nearest hospital, and Ronnie Hamlin talks about being a clueless nineteen year old captain taking out his first charter in the unfamiliar waters around Cape May, and the time his sport fishing boat sank from under him in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This book is loaded with some of the most exciting stories in the history of big game fishing.

Barry Shaw is one of those rare people who have been able to navigate two what seem to be opposite worlds. On the one hand, Barry has been a surfer his entire life having joined Ft. Lauderdale's Greenback Surf Club at the age of fifteen. Later he decided that he had better get busy with a career that would support himself and a family, so he became a commercial banker rising to the position of Senior Vice President in several different major banking organizations. Barry's travels have taken him to some of the most popular surfing locations in the world and put him in contact with many of the biggest names in that sport. 


People who love the water, and love to play in it, often become sailors. Some of the luckier ones become boat owners and create a variety of boating experiences for themselves. Some love to sail; others love powerboats. Some are fishermen and others just want to cruise. But I have been the fortunate one. I have been enjoying the oceans and bays all my life. I owned a boat long before I was old enough to drive a car. And I have had lifetime of different kinds of boating experiences. There have been many boats in my life, most of which I have owned. The first was the Leaky Tiki. This is the story of that boat and many that followed in my life.  

Adventure Novels

In the sleepy central Florida town of Moss Creek, drug use among teenagers has become an epidemic. Drug overdoses and school truancy are daily occurrences and the law is doing nothing about it. Frustrated by a slow moving and corrupt judicial system, a small group of parents decides to take matters into their own hands. The action heats up when a clear vote of support is given by Jake Hairston, the county sheriff.  His no nonsense approach to cleaning up the problem has the drug dealers and crooked lawyers running for cover. Get ready for some fast moving action as The Fathers' Club cuts a wide swath through this drug infested territory.

When the Federal Reserve cuts the legs out from under the stock and futures markets with an interest rate tightening policy that strangles the world economy, trillions of dollars of worldwide net worth is decimated. Nick Anthony, owner of Market Makers, a day trading hub operating out of San Diego watches some of his best friends and traders get seriously hurt. Some nearing bankruptcy. His anger forces him to assemble a team of pros with varying skills to make a comeback through the illegal activity known as insider trading. Your adrenaline will rise as this high speed adventure in futures trading takes shape and the team rushes to keep ahead of the feds. 

Thoughtful Quotes


Rarely does a day go by that we do not use a famous or apt quote to express an idea or to help to cement an argument. It doesn't much matter who said it or what he/she said. More to the point is that it is a quote that has been remembered and repeated. Wisdom and Nonsense makes the point  that there are some pretty profound thoughts out there by some very wise people. But this book also demonstrates that just because a quote is popular and used often, does not necessarily mean it is thoughtful or appropriate. Generally wise quotes come from the mouths of wise men and women. But this book may surprise you at how untrue that statement often is.

The Bathroom Book of Quotes is an aptly named non-fiction work that introduces the reader to new characters, both historical and contemporary. It is an eclectic work that offers the briefest biography of these famous people along with some of their most famous quotes. This work describes the lives of such diverse personalities as Confucius, Thomas Jefferson, Elvis Presley and John Kennedy. Well known for clever quotes were such famous personalities as Winston Churchill and May West. Bios and quotes from forty of history's most engaging men and women make this book a most enjoyable read. 


Criminal Justice 

Johnny Dollar

Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 7.47.47 AM.png

John Wayne Goff, known by the handle of Johnny Dollar because of his penchant for turning unfortunate situations into opportunities, was the most successful insurance man  in the state of Alabama. His years of hard work made him a wealthy man. But all that came to a halt when he fought back against a shakedown by politically connected forces within the corrupt state  government. With everything cratering in around him, his fight for justice cost him his fortune and his freedom along with a twelve year federal prison sentence. This is the story of an innocent man who was the victim of political corruption. 

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