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Things Feel Different

I haven't felt comfortable for a couple of years. I'm pretty sure I know why, and I know why it now feels different. Admittedly I was uncomfortable when Donald Trump was elected. My opinion of him is that he has always been dishonest and willing to cheat in any way to get what he wants. He did nothing during his tenure as #45 to dispel that anxiety. In fact I am among the majority who believe he became more than a laughing stock as a president. I believe he became a real threat to our society. No matter what he did while president, I never saw him acting on behalf of America. I only saw him act on behalf of himself. It was scary thinking that as his power was consolidated by surrounding himself with blind followers, Bill Barr, Rudi Giuliani and others, I was really beginning to believe we were going to lose this country. The degree to which he is crazy cannot be underestimated. Other have done this, Nero, Hitler, and the Kims. All lunatics.

Then in 2020 we were hit with the pandemic. Rather than take positive action to limit its destructiveness, the Donald denied the science and would not move off his fat ass to do anything. I firmly believe that it is possible that hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved had he acted like a president and not a denier and a liar. But then, after very much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth, this horrible person was voted out of office. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been a breath of fresh air, managing the country the way it was designed to be managed, while at the same time rolling up their sleeves to undo much of the damage created by the previous administration.

Many of us spent the last year social distancing, wearing masks and taking all the other precautions associated with the coronavirus. It has been an enervating slog. But I see signs of improvement with the new administration in office for less that a month. I would have expected nothing less. And on top of all that, today I received my second vaccine. All this is why things feel so different.

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