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The Love of Writing

I sometimes post to a creative writing website. Recently one of the participants asked a question something like "What if you want to be a writer but think you hate to write?" That is such a senseless premise, but here is how I replied:

I believe a writer who hates writing is at a disadvantage. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be facing a writing assignment and dreading it. Some writing is more enjoyable than some others, but on balance if it’s more of a drag than a pleasure, maybe you should try something you like better.

I sometimes take on writing assignments that are less fun, but I always hope to learn from them. I particularly enjoy new projects where the information I receive is fresh. Examples: the biography of a world ranked surfer; the chronicles of a world famous fisherman; a convict who was unjustly prosecuted; and then in the area of fiction perhaps a romance novel or action adventure. All these projects are opportunities to expand my knowledge and interact with interesting people. When my head gets into the zone, it’s a pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong. Some assignments are pure work and difficult to face, but I’m sure you could say that about any profession. I believe the more we struggle with that kind of work, the stronger we become.

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