The Glass is Full

Recently two things happened that turned out absolutely great. They started as potential tragedies but materialized as lucky breaks. The first one was when a loved one got into an automobile accident. As she tried to move across an intersection, she misjudged the speed of a car coming in her direction and it hit her on the driver side rear quarter panel. Had she been a split second slower she would have been broadsided and very seriously injured. As it was, her car sustained $5400 in damage to its body with just a glancing blow. It was pure luck that the two cars met the way they did. No one was injured except the two cars. It's just metal, plastic, and glass, easily replaceable. In another incident the same week, my five year old granddaughter was doing something with a pair of scissors. Her hand slipped and the scissor glanced her eye. She was not seriously hurt, just the slightest touch to her eyeball. But as in the case with the car accident, she was only a fraction of an inch from possibly losing her eye. What a tragedy that would have been. I hear a lot of trauma from family and friends about what might have been, and I have to remind them that neither of these accidents did permanent physical damage to anybody. Instead of being panicked, we should just thank our lucky stars that fortune shone on us that week. As to the glass being full, whether it has something in it or not, it always will have air in it for the remainder, so it must be full. We just might not be able to see it.

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