My favorite writers

I suppose everyone who reads books has favorite authors and reasons why they like them. I do too. But what I feel like reading has a lot to do with the mood I'm in and, surprisingly, things I have recently read. The best example of this occurred about a year ago when I read Ken Follett's Century Trilogy. This was three books, each nearly 1,000 pages. It was much more a marathon than a sprint. It was also a very rewarding experience. But having said that, I was temporarily exhausted on heavy historical fiction. It was time for something lighter so I chose one of Lee Childs' Reacher books. This series is very well done, Childs is a very good writer, and his books are interesting and informative. But since this blog is supposed to be about my favorite writers I must mention my number one favorite all the time - John Grisham. Every time he publishes a new novel I stop what I'm reading and read his. Another of my favorites is Wilbur Smith although I will say back in the days when he was writing his Monsoon series (the first Courtney books) and his River God series, I thought his older work was better than his newer writings.


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