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I'm Speechless

As I sit here wondering how to express my outrage at the detention of children in prisons all over Texas, I cannot think of the words to convey how I feel. Whenever I see someone doing something awful (it happens in law enforcement quite a bit) and using the excuse "I was only doing my job," I recall that is what a bunch of murderous criminals in the Nuremberg Trials were saying just before being marched out to be shot. The President chose the right stooge to become Attorney General who would do his bidding with no conscience or forethought. I know people who have personally known Jeff Sessions and none of them think he is sane. Just look at him and listen to him speak and you can tell that. The puppet master, Trump himself, has always been known to be a megalomaniac. Look at him, watch his movements, listen to him speak and Tweet. When he decided to run for the office of president I was saying "No way" and did not worry about it. Then the unexpected happened and my worst nightmares came true. As he stands on the world stage, cozying up to the most vile leaders on the planet, lionizing the most dangerous of men, and alienating our lifelong allies, I wonder if America will ever be able to recover from the damage he is doing. I'm sick over the incarceration of these little immigrant children and more disgusted than ever in the direction America is being taken. I hope the suffering for these immigrant families and all of America's good citizens is put to an end soon. I hate to think that Donald Trump will be the one to preside over Armageddon. Lord help us!

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